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Sept. 18, 2019

Preparing Your Home for a Hurricane

When a hurricane is brewing, residents flock to the store to stock up on bottled water and fill their tanks with gas. While last-minute provisions like bottled water and gas are important, ideally, hurricane and emergency preparedness begins far in advance.  With some advance preparation, you can have peace of mind and a solid plan in place to protect your family and your home in the event of a hurricane or other emergency.

The helpful team at FEMA has provided the following list of resources to help you prepare for a hurricane or other emergency.

Did you know? September is National Preparedness Month and the peak of hurricane season. Share this blog post with your friends and family to help them get prepared too! 


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Sept. 16, 2019

House to Home – Fall Home To-Do List

Fall has arrived and it always brings glad tidings: cooler temperatures, warm colors of the leaves, and pumpkin-spiced everything.  If you are a homeowner, you probably have been waiting to start those numerous house projects once the summer heat makes its last appearance for the year.

Whether it’s an indoor or outdoor home improvement, now is a great time to mark them off your to-do list, particularly if those improvements will help protect & prepare your home for the winter months.

Get your home ready for the winter by checking these items:

-       Check the roof & siding of your home for any damage/ Trim any vegetation away from the roof that could cause damage later.

-       Have a professional inspect & clean the chimney.

-       Fertilize and reseed your lawn.

-       Cover any exposed water pipes & outdoor faucets to protect them from freezing temperatures.

-       Check interior areas (attic, crawl spaces), faucets, water heaters & other appliances for leaks.

-       Replace caulking around all windows, doors, bathtubs/showers, sinks & toilets.

-       Check heating system and replace air filters as needed.

-       Program thermostat to help save energy.

Aug. 1, 2019

Fall Home Tip: Hurricane Preparation



Hurricane season is in full swing as we enter into the season’s most active months.  Whether you own a home or live in a condominium, it is important to be prepared before the storm.


1)   Create an evacuation and communication plan.

2)   Prepare emergency kits and gather supplies & important documentation.

3)   Take a video of the property and its contents.

4)   Verify insurance coverage with your insurance company.

5)   Bring loose, lightweight objects inside and anchor down large, heavy objects outside.

6)   Cover all windows and sliding doors; close storm shutters.

7)   Turn refrigerator & freezer to the coolest settings.

8)   Move vehicles away from flood areas.

9)   Listen to local authorities and evacuate if told to do so.


For more helpful ways to prepare for a hurricane, visit


July 1, 2019

2019 4th of July Celebrations on the Emerald Coast




July 4th is only a few days away and there are so many activities and celebrations along the Emerald Coast to celebrate the holiday.  Check out the 4th of July events in your area.


Sertoma’s Independence Day Celebration

Location: Seville Park Square

Date: July 4, 2019

Times: Events start @ 11 AM / Fireworks @ 9 PM


Pensacola Beach

Independence Day Fireworks

Location: Casino Beach – Pensacola Beach

Date: July 4, 2019

Times: Fireworks @ 8:30 PM


Fort Walton Beach

City of FWB July 4th Celebration at the Landing

Location: 139 SE Brooks Street – Fort Walton Beach

Date: July 4, 2019

Times: Events from 4-11 PM / Fireworks @ 8:45 PM



4th of July Celebration at HarborWalk Village

Location: HarborWalk Village - Destin

Date: July 4, 2019

Times: Events from 7-11 PM / Fireworks @ 9 PM

Feb. 12, 2019

Best Restaurants On The Coast For Valentine's Day

Love is in the air .. or is that the smell of dinner?

We kid, we kid! On a more serious note, here are five great restaurants from Pensacola, Florida to Seaside, Florida to try for Valentine's Day! These are the places you will want to take your spouse, family or friends for an extra special dinner on the day of love! But don't just take our word for it. ;)


The Great Southern Cafe in Seaside, Florida 


Mimmo's Ristorante Italiano in Destin, Florida 


Skopelos at New World in Pensacola, Florida 


Dewey Destin's Restaurant in Destin, Florida 


Al Fresco in Pensacola, Florida 


(Valentine's Graphic by Valeria_Aksakova on

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Jan. 29, 2019

Florida Realtors Mid-Winter Meeting 2019

We just got back from the Florida Realtor's Mid-Winter meetings down in Orlando, Florida! We had the best time growing and serving in an organization that is concerned not only about home ownership but also private property rights in our sunny state of Florida. 

At this meeting, Rob was elected treasurer of the Florida Chapter REBI (Real Estate Business Institute) which trains real estate brokers to be better brokers and real estate agents to be specialists in listing and selling. He also is serving on the Florida Board of Directors for 2019 as a representative of the Emerald Coast along with continuing his service on the Development committee, which he has been a part of for the past two years. 

It was three full days of meetings, networking and catching up with old friends! It was a huge honor to serve other professionals in our industry by helping improve overall professionalism of realtors and establishing resources to help realtors do just this. 

If we can help increase professionalism among the professionals - we help increase buyers and sellers' experiences with all realtors in the state of Florida. That to us is a win!

On a lighter note - we also couldn't go to Orlando without visiting Sea World with the family! 

It was a great trip and a great way to start off 2019! 

(Thank you, Josh Summers, for sharing these pictures on Facebook!)

Jan. 21, 2019

2019 State Of The Company Address

As individuals, we are made to grow and help others grow. This includes areas of physical, emotional, financial, and relational health. Our highest calling as human beings is to grow in our spiritual walk with God. He has designed us to grow and it is His plan that we grow. 

In 2018, as in years past, God arranged situations around me as company owner which precipitated the growth of my career and service to others. It means I had to make difficult decisions to participate in that growth. While growing often requires risk and discomfort, growth is what I’m called to do and what I choose to do. The alternative to growing is not remaining the same, because neither organizations nor individuals can remain the same for more than a few moments. If we aren’t growing, we are declining.

How has our growth been? 2018 was another record-breaking year for Rob Brooks Realty. We had more properties managed, more agents, and way more sales than ever before. In many ways, we achieved more than we thought possible and even reached our limits. How does an organization or individual continue growing when they have reached their limits? They must move the limits outward and upward by reinvesting back into themselves. For us, we hired great new people into key roles, including adding to the property management team, started radio advertising and opened an office in Pensacola. All of this to ensure our service to each client is the best in the industry and to ensure we are able to serve more clients at that level of service.

We aspire to be the best real estate company on the Emerald Coast. How do we define the best? To us, it is not the company who does the most transactions, the largest volume, or has the highest profit. Our definition of the best real estate company is the one who takes the best care of the client. That is our aspiration and that is what will make us grow for many more years to come.

We look forward to serving you even better in 2019! 

Jan. 7, 2019

Find Out Your Home Value

We all know how the conversation goes : "Should I sell my home?" "I wonder how much I can get for it.." "Pat down the street just sold theirs for ..." 

You no longer have to wonder. (Praise hands emoji)

1. Click To Find Out Your Home's Worth

2. Enter your address

3. Hit submit

4. Get your home value & see how we sell your home differently.


This is your estimated property valuation. If you would like an in depth home value analysis, 

email us at! 



Jan. 4, 2019

Meet The Rob Brooks Sales Team

pensacola florida realtor

It's a new year and we are so fortunate to have the same faces on the Rob Brooks Sales Team for 2019! Why does this matter to you? It matters because it means that the selling or buying process you will experience is seamless. We've worked together and are nailing down the process you experience even more in 2019!

If you buy or sell with Rob Brooks in 2019, these are the faces you may come into contact with! 

Rob - You know him! You love him! He is the main man with over twenty-four years of experience in real estate on the Emerald Coast! He comes from a line of influential people in the area! (Have you heard of the Brooks Bridge in Fort Walton Beach, Florida?) *He would be embarrassed to know that I put that out there.* He is a family man who is passionate about serving the real estate industry, clients and community! 

Kaylie - (Hi! I am currently typing to you!) I handle marketing for the company and Rob Brooks personally! I've been with the company for five years now and love being a small part of a team that holds the values that RBR does! If you've encountered the Rob Brooks Realty name for the first time, it may be in part to the work that I do! I am just the connector of people to people - in this case, Rob - and that's easy to do because I believe so much in the work that goes on here! 

Sara - Her title is listing coordinator but we like to refer to her as the detail oriented, filing guru and best person to talk to on the phone! When you list with Rob, you will be receiving updates on your listing from her - how many showings, what potential people are saying etc.! She is thorough and has every process down to a science! You will love hearing from her because she will be calling with good news! Tid bit about her - she is an Auburn fan who loves living on the Coast with her husband! 

Kathy - She is the Rob Brooks closing coordinator and she does this best! She gets the sale closed with the biggest smile on her face! She has encountered difficult closings in the past with grace, efficiency and a get it done attitude! She does all of this while having a heart of compassion for each buyer and seller. We like to think she keeps us all in shape!

This all matters to you because you are working with people who enjoy working with each other - making getting the job done for you a joy. Trust us, that is what makes working with us different.


Dec. 30, 2018

2018 New Year's Eve Fireworks


The New Year is right around the corner so why not celebrate with a fireworks show.  The Gulf Coast hosts several events on December 31 to ring in the New Year including firework shows, live music and festivities.  Check out these New Year’s Eve events across the Gulf Coast.

Pensacola – Pensacola Pelican Drop as part of Kazoo’s Rockin’ Eve: Head over to the Blue Wahoo’s Stadium on December 31st to see the famed Pensacola Pelican Drop.  The family-friendly event is from 6:00-8:00 P.M. and is free to the public.  The celebration includes on-field activities for all ages, local bands, fireworks, and, of course, the Pelican Drop.

Pensacola Beach – New Year’s Eve Fireworks @ 12:00 A.M.: Look to the skies at midnight for this fireworks show that will take place over the Santa Rosa Sound.

Fort Walton Beach – Blingin’ in the New Year @ 6:00 P.M.: Ring in the New Year with this 5K and Family Fun Run from 6:00-8:00 P.M. in downtown Fort Walton Beach hosted by Run With It.  Afterwards, celebrate at KC’s Sandbar and Grille with live music and festivities, along with a midnight fireworks show at the Fort Walton Beach Landing.

Seaside – Countdown Seaside – A New Year’s Eve Celebration: This family-friendly event starts at 7:00 P.M. at the Seaside Amphitheater and ends with fireworks at midnight to bring in the new year.  The festivities include live music, street performers, and kids’ activities.