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Jan. 30, 2018

2018 Color Of The Year + Home Trends

Benjamin Moore has named its 2018 color of the year *drum roll, please* caliente AF-290. It’s vibrant, red hues are quite the contrast to the simply white color in 2016.

(Source - Benjamin Moore)

This got me thinking – how much stock should we place in the new trends or colors each year? Does it actually depend on your demographic location? Does it depend on your style of home? Does it even depend on your neighborhood aesthetic?

On the Gulf Coast, from Pensacola to 30A, you will find a lot of neutral tones, blues, greens and greys. For the most part, this hasn’t changed much over the years. In Rosemary Beach, the exteriors are comprised of punches of bold colors – but some of this could give way to its specific New Orleans inspired designs. If you walk through the front doors of many of those homes in the 30A area, though, you will find neutrals are the common palette.

So, what does this mean for us – the everyday people who like to have somewhat updated homes, but maybe aren’t willing to go full in?

Start small!

Throw the color in by buying a small vase, throw pillow or rug.

But be true.

If you don’t like a punchy red – don’t do it! If you live on the Coast where neutrals and blues rule the world, and you like it – stick with it!

Have fun with your home! Make it yours. Trendy, updated or just simply, “home, sweet, home.”

Dec. 27, 2017

4 Places To Celebrate New Year's Eve On The Emerald Coast

(and we dare you to do all four.)

Pensacola – What? No Pelican drop? For a moment there, the traditionalists and admirers of the NYE Downtown Pensacola Pelican Drop were trying to think of new ways to celebrate the night. But no fear! The Pelican drop has commenced but this time, at the Blue Wahoo’s stadium! From 5:00 PM – 8:00 PM, the Kazoo’s NYE celebration will kick off with live music, inflatables, fireworks and the beloved dropping of the pelican thanks to Quint Studer and president of the Blue Wahoo’s, Jonathan Griffith. No worries, though! All of the surrounding restaurants and bars will be open for adults with a midnight fireworks show!


Sandestin – Baytowne Wharf is a local’s favorite place to go to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Festivities will begin at 6:00 PM and continue until midnight. Two fireworks shows will take place – one at 8:00 PM and another at midnight. There will be plenty of live music, dancing, eating, kid’s activities until 8:00 PM and more!


Destin – The HarborWalk Village is always a must be place for locals and visitors to celebrate New Year’s Eve! Walk along the harbor, listen to live music from bands such as Heritage, enjoy shopping, restaurants and two fireworks shows! We have to admit. We are huge fans that most people are doing a family friendly firework show at 8:00 PM this year and one for the all-nighters at midnight! Stay to watch the 10th annual ball drop over the beautiful Destin Harbor. It’s a sight you don’t want to miss.


Seaside – If there is one thing we don’t want to miss, it is street performers! The annual Countdown Seaside begins at 7:00 PM on New Year’s Eve with live music, kid’s activities, face painting, food, and you guessed it – street performers! There will be a fantastic firework show at midnight over the Gulf of Mexico. How is that for ringing in a new year!


Dec. 15, 2017

Downtown Fort Walton Beach Holiday Live Nativity

This past weekend, Rob Brooks Realty had the coolest opportunity to host a live Nativity scene at the Downtown Holidays in Fort Walton Beach! The Downtown Holiday at the Landing is an event we have looked forward to participating in the past few years! The Downtown FWB organization does such an excellent job putting it on! With many holiday markets, a Christmas tree lighting, bounce houses, cookie decorating and everyone's anticipation of Santa's arrival, this is a truly a family event you don't want to miss.

It is our honor to tell the Christmas story in its truest form by hosting a live nativity with Joseph, Mary, Angels, Shepherds, live stock and of course, baby Jesus. 

People loved seeing the animals and hearing the Christmas story! 

Thank you to Denny Evans for these photos! A huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time on a busy Saturday to participate with us. 


July 3, 2017

2017 Fireworks On The Emerald Coast

fireworks Destin florida

Wondering where the best places are to watch fireworks this year near you on the Emerald Coast? We have got you covered! From Pensacola, Florida to the gorgeous Sandestin, you are in luck! No two shows are alike and Northwest Florida knows how to celebrate the Fourth of July! 

Thank you to those who serve our beautiful Country sacrificially. We at Rob Brooks Realty never want to go without showing you our appreciation. Thank you, especially, to the families who serve at Eglin Air Force Base, Whiting Field, Pensacola NAS, Duke Field Special Operations and Hurlburt Field. You are our local heroes! 


1. Niceville, Florida - Niceville is known for drawing a crowd to watch their spectacular fireworks show over Boggy Bayou! Be sure to arrive early to enjoy the pre-show music and get a an up close seat! 

(More Information : Here)


2. Fort Walton Beach, Florida - A family event for all with music, entertainment, kids activities, views of the Choctawhatchee Bay and more! If you are in the area, you don't want to miss this! 

(More Information : Here


3. Destin, Florida - If there are three things that go together well on the Emerald Coast for the Fourth it is fireworks, concerts and views of our gorgeous waters! The Harborwalk Village has all three! With a breathtaking fireworks show that draws hundreds every year, a variety of restaurants for everyone and concerts that bring the night to life, this is a great place to be! Be sure to come early for parking!

(More Information : Here


4. Sandestin, Florida - Activities galore for everyone in the family, great food and fireworks at the Red, White and Baytowne celebration! There will be great food, face painting and plenty of room to watch the fireworks show! 

(More Information : Here


5. Pensacola, Florida - Known for being the largest fireworks display on the Emerald Coast, this event starts at 11:00 AM and continues after the fireworks show at 9:00 PM. If you love the historic atmosphere of Downtown Pensacola, rock climbing activities, amazing food and a spectacular fireworks performance, this is where you want to be! 

(More Information : Here

June 30, 2017

Fourth of July Home Decor

How do you like to decorate your home for the Fourth of July? Whether you style your home from the front porch in or if you like to keep it simple with a backyard BBQ, we have red, white and blue ideas for you! We at Rob Brooks Realty love celebrating the Fourth of July! On the Emerald Coast, we are surrounded by Eglin Air Force Base, Hurlburt Field and Whiting field. We love our men and women who sacrifice daily for our freedom! We also love homes, so the Fourth of July is the perfect time to combine them both!

Without further ado, here are a few ideas for your celebration!

1. A Laid Back Front Porch Vibe

We love this laid back front porch idea! This would be the perfect spot to sit all day with your family, sipping lemonade and watching fireworks from at night. Throw a couple of red, white and blue pillows on your outdoor patio for a festive look!

(Source : Pinterest)


2. Backyard BBQ

Are you planning a backyard BBQ for all of your friends and neighbors? These dogs in a blankets would be such a hit! 

(Source : Popsugar)


3. Make It Permanent


What better way to celebrate the Fourth than by adding a permanent fixture to your home? This red door adds curb appeal and a flare of patriotism! 

(Source : Pinterest)


4. An Elegant Draping 

We think this draping adds such a touch of elegance to any home for the Fourth! 

(Source : Pinterest)


5. Celebrate With Cake 

For the bakers in the home, how about inviting us over if you decide to make this! Just a slice will do! ;)

(Source : Sugar and Charm)


6. For The Kids

This "to-go" lemonade wagon decorated in red, white and blue is the perfect way to keep the kids entertained and also let them be apart of the celebration!

(Source : Pinterest)

Dec. 30, 2016

How To Increase Home Value In 2017

The New Year is among us! This time of the year comes with renewed vision and ambitions. You may be thinking about selling your home this year to buy the beach home that you have always dreamed of owning. How can you increase your home value before listing it? We have a few ideas just for you. 

1. Install Solar Panels. (Go big or go home, right?) All it takes is a quick Google search to find numerous supporting articles on how solar panels increase a home's value. In some cases, it can exponentially increase the resale value. Is there a catch? Well, we don't call it a catch, but the value could depend on if you own the system or if it is leased. Either way, we think that solar panels are the future!

2. Rip Up Carpet. Carpet tends to have a love or hate cult-like following. While carpet can be great for older pets, it can be horrible for younger ones. If you are thinking of selling your home or simply adding value to it, consider removing the carpet. Carpet can house unwanted smells, stains or pet hair. Hardwood, tile or decorative concrete may be the way to go!

3. LED Lights. Fluorescent lighting is a thing of the past. LED lights are in! Go through your home and update your lighting. Older fixtures may need to be entirely replaced, but we promise, it is worth it. Don't take our word for it, though; just ask a potential buyer.

4. Make A Statement. We should never take a book by its cover, but first impressions really do matter whether we want them to or not. An easy way to make a great first impression is by cleaning up the first extension of your home potential buyers see - your front porch! A fresh paint job or updated door goes a long way! Now, we aren't saying a door will make a significant impact on your home value, but if done in an aesthetically pleasing way, we do think it will catch a few more eyes that may have passed over your home. This goes for your front lawn landscape, as well! 

5. Kitchen Update. And if we had to choose only one room we would update to make for a higher home value, we would say the kitchen! The kitchen is of the most important rooms in a home, so do it right. 

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Dec. 2, 2016

Moving Tips 101

You selected your Realtor, sold your home and are now packing up your things for this new move! We have seen this process so many times that we have a few key tips for you when it comes to moving! 

1. Protect Your Photos. Photos are the tangible items of your story. They are worth protecting. We recommend backing up the photos off your computer onto a hard drive or maybe even two! When it comes to prints, invest in a good album or box to keep them from getting bent or discolored. 

2. Cords. Is this really necessary? For your sanity, we say yes! Ha! If you have a complex entertainment system, take a photograph of how the cords are placed before you begin to disconnect them. This is a great reference for when you go to plug everything back together. Next, label your cords by color; one color for the TV, one color for the computer etc.

3. Pet arrangement. This can be a stressful time for your pets. They understand that something is happening but they don't know what. They see you packing your things up and more unfamiliar faces in the home. Make arrangements for a family member, friend or boarding day care to look after these little family members until the majority of the moving is done. It will be less stressful on them, and on you, as well! 

4. Color code. Color code your packing boxes by room is a great way to keep rooms together! It never fails that when you need something unexpectedly, you don't know which box it is in. This is not the case if you keep rooms coded by color! You will thank us later. ;)

5. Keep your valuable items with you. We think that is self explanatory. 

For a more exhaustive list on moving tips, just email us at to let us know! :)

Dec. 2, 2016

Selling Tips 101

You've seen the shows : Million Dollar Listing etc. What really sells these gorgeous homes, or even the homes that you already own but fell in love with again? Staging. Staging? Yes, staging.

These are some tips on how to best stage your home in a way that sells :

1. Remove clutter. Refrigerator magnets. Counter spaces. Extra toothbrushes no one uses anymore. You know what we are talking about. Sometimes more isn't better. When it comes to selling, less is best most of the time! 

2. Add color. The first impression of a potential buyer happens at the front yard and/or porch. Adding color can take the a dull first impression to a wowing one! Here on the Emerald Coast, we have a great mixture of both neutral home design and colorful "beach" tones. Remember, the right color for you also depends on the house location. Bring in your surrounding environment colors to your front porch. (That tip is free. ;) ) 

3. Clean. The power of clean baseboards and dustless ceiling fans goes a long way. Don't believe us? Walk in someone else's home and look at the seemingly insignificant areas. (Or better yet, don't. ;) ) It is an indicator on how well the house was kept up. 

Dec. 2, 2016

How To Select A Realtor

You have been pre-approved, you are more informed on homeowners insurance, and now you are searching for your perfect Realtor. What are things you look for? What qualifies as a professional agent today? What should you expect from the Realtor serving you? We hope to shed light on those things for you! :)

The definition of professional has changed over the years, and it isn't limited just to the outside image. Marketing your property professionally while selling has even changed. While door to door contact and cold calls use to be a great strategy, nowadays it seems as if the definition of professional is more geared towards online marketing. 

These are four things you should look for when you are selecting your Realtor :

1. Honesty. This seems silly, but will they tell you the things that you don't want to hear? Will they be honest with you when showing you a property that may have hidden problems in the future? Will they even go as far as suggesting a smaller home to better fit your budget, even if it means less compensation for them? Honesty is never easy, and sometimes unpopular, but with it you can never go wrong. 

2. Diligent. Are they careful to make sure that everything is taken care of? This goes even as far as are they diligent in keeping up with the local market trends, changes, marketing strategies and community developments? 

3. Personality. While some may say, "Business is business," we kind of disagree. Not entirely, but to a degree. You are not purchasing a home only. You are investing in your future and possibly into your family's heritage. Working with someone who has a personality you like will make this whole process even more special. While we don't suggest only going with personality, because the above points are vitally important, we do think it is one of the keys to making the overall experience worth every second. 

4. Accessibility. Don't expect your Realtor to be available at your every call, but do expect them to always call you back. Realtors are busy people. They are working all of the time to keep multiple listings, sales and people happy all at one time. They also have families, friends and communities they are a part of like anyone else. Communication is key, but if you select someone you trust from the beginning to be diligent, honest and caring towards you, then trust that their accessibility is intentional. 

We hope this helps! These are values that we at Rob Brooks Realty strive to live out every day as we serve our clients. 

Nov. 16, 2016

Fall Front Porch Ideas

Fall is not only the perfect time of the year for Thanksgiving dinners, colorful leaves and crisp air. It is also one of the best times to create a curb appeal that may help in selling your home, all the while you think you are just decorating for the holidays. 

What are we talking about? Front porch decorating, of course! Like most people, you may sit uniform pumpkins, flowers, hay bells and such on your porch during the holidays to beautify your home. While you may think you are just doing this for looks, you may be working one of the best selling strategies on your home to catch the double take of a potential buyer. 

Here are a few front porch decorating ideas that we love!

Source : 





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