Benjamin Moore has named its 2018 color of the year *drum roll, please* caliente AF-290. It’s vibrant, red hues are quite the contrast to the simply white color in 2016.

2018 Color of the Year: Caliente

(Source - Benjamin Moore)

This got me thinking – how much stock should we place in the new trends or colors each year? Does it actually depend on your demographic location? Does it depend on your style of home? Does it even depend on your neighborhood aesthetic?

On the Gulf Coast, from Pensacola to 30A, you will find a lot of neutral tones, blues, greens and greys. For the most part, this hasn’t changed much over the years. In Rosemary Beach, the exteriors are comprised of punches of bold colors – but some of this could give way to its specific New Orleans inspired designs. If you walk through the front doors of many of those homes in the 30A area, though, you will find neutrals are the common palette.

So, what does this mean for us – the everyday people who like to have somewhat updated homes, but maybe aren’t willing to go full in?

Start small!

Throw the color in by buying a small vase, throw pillow or rug.

But be true.

If you don’t like a punchy red – don’t do it! If you live on the Coast where neutrals and blues rule the world, and you like it – stick with it!

Have fun with your home! Make it yours. Trendy, updated or just simply, “home, sweet, home.”