2018 marks our company’s 10-year anniversary and by God’s grace, our growth has continued.  Last year our sales grew by 30%, outpacing the market and producing for us again a higher market share.  It wasn’t easy.  In 2015 and 2016, we made some difficult changes to make our company better positioned to serve more sales customers with better customer service.  Those changes have paid off.  Our company agents now sell way more than the average agent in the rest of the industry. Our clients are very happy with our service.

Rob Brooks Realty Business Growth Chart

The past several months we’ve been making similar difficult changes in our property management; we expect these changes will increase rewards to both our clients and our company in coming years.  The changes include hiring more staff and implementing systems of further improved service.  Adjusting the allocation of resources to best serve the customers & market is a part of a healthy growing company.

It’s always interesting to see where our business comes from.  Word of mouth has always been the main way people become our clients… it’s terrific advertising.  The internet has now changed some of how word of mouth is delivered.  Traditionally, word of mouth has usually been face to face.  Now, more and more, Google, Facebook, Zillow and other online review sources are making it very easy for people to give a wide audience either their rant or their rave about any business.  While such open communication is a fear for some businesses, it is a boon for us.  We are getting property management clients and home buyers contacting and choosing to do business with us from seeing our online reviews.   If you have a moment now, do an internet search of “Rob Brooks Realty reviews.”  The ratings (averaging 4.8 to 5 stars, depending on the website) and the accompanying written reviews from our clients and past clients are a great motivator for us to keep up the high level of customer service.  Our feelings for making it a great experience for the client were captured well by the ideas of Kaylie Becker as well as the producing & editing of Jeffrey Frame and Zack Kepner in a video last March… it can be seen on RobBrooksRealty.com and other places on the internet.

In preparing for the coming months of 2018 and Rob Brooks Realty’s next decade, we are proactively investing the resources of our time and money into making your real estate experience the best it can possibly be.