Rob Brooks Realty Team

As individuals, we are made to grow and help others grow. This includes areas of physical, emotional, financial, and relational health. Our highest calling as human beings is to grow in our spiritual walk with God. He has designed us to grow and it is His plan that we grow. 

In 2018, as in years past, God arranged situations around me as company owner which precipitated the growth of my career and service to others. It means I had to make difficult decisions to participate in that growth. While growing often requires risk and discomfort, growth is what I’m called to do and what I choose to do. The alternative to growing is not remaining the same, because neither organizations nor individuals can remain the same for more than a few moments. If we aren’t growing, we are declining.

Graph of Rob Brooks Realty's growth

How has our growth been? 2018 was another record-breaking year for Rob Brooks Realty. We had more properties managed, more agents, and way more sales than ever before. In many ways, we achieved more than we thought possible and even reached our limits. How does an organization or individual continue growing when they have reached their limits? They must move the limits outward and upward by reinvesting back into themselves. For us, we hired great new people into key roles, including adding to the property management team, started radio advertising and opened an office in Pensacola. All of this to ensure our service to each client is the best in the industry and to ensure we are able to serve more clients at that level of service.

We aspire to be the best real estate company on the Emerald Coast. How do we define the best? To us, it is not the company who does the most transactions, the largest volume, or has the highest profit. Our definition of the best real estate company is the one who takes the best care of the client. That is our aspiration and that is what will make us grow for many more years to come.

We look forward to serving you even better in 2019!