decorating for fall


Decorating for Fall doesn't have to be hard. In fact, we think simple goes a long way! We at Rob Brooks Realty believe strongly in doing things within your budget (that's for another blog post) and we also believe that the smallest things done intentionally can turn your house into a home. 

Let's dive into decorating for Fall!

1. The Porch. First impression isn't everything, but it does account for some things. In this case, a decorated porch adds so much character to a house. 

2. The Dining Room Table. Setting the table goes a long way. If you are like some, having a little bit of organization can make chaos seem less... well... chaotic. A central place in the home to do this is at the table! Add your favorite vase, a few Fall branches or flowers, maybe a pumpkin or pumpkin pie ( ;) ) and voila! 

3. The Mantle. Another point of focus in a home? The mantle. Throw a fall wreath above it and set a few pumpkins on it, and company will be impressed at how "in season" you are! 


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