Fall is not only the perfect time of the year for Thanksgiving dinners, colorful leaves and crisp air. It is also one of the best times to create a curb appeal that may help in selling your home, all the while you think you are just decorating for the holidays. 

What are we talking about? Front porch decorating, of course! Like most people, you may sit uniform pumpkins, flowers, hay bells and such on your porch during the holidays to beautify your home. While you may think you are just doing this for looks, you may be working one of the best selling strategies on your home to catch the double take of a potential buyer. 

Here are a few front porch decorating ideas that we love!

front porch decorated with corn stalks, red & orange leaves, and a fall basket

front porch decorated with pumpkins, lanterns, & fall leaf wreath

front porch decorated with pumpkins, flowers, and a scarecrow

a dark brown wagon decorated with an assortment of pumpkins

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