three small pumpkins in a row


It’s the perfect time of year for all homeowners to put on their decorating hats and bring the fall season into their home.  Fall brings us cooler weather, the changing of the leaves and the beginning of the holiday season.  It also kick-starts the craving for the fall favorite: Pumpkin.  It’s everywhere from pumpkin-spice lattes and cooking recipes to candles and decorative signs.  But why stop there, why not take pumpkins to the next level?

Pumpkins can be incorporated into your fall home decorating that can last all through the season.  By using preservation techniques, which can be found through a simple Google search, decorative pumpkins can last between 2 to 3 months.


small orange pumpkin in flower bed   two small pumpkins in front of two vases


Welcome fall with open arms with a front porch pumpkin display by using different color and different size pumpkins to create visual depth.  A few tiny pumpkins can help transform a vase, tray or lantern into the perfect fall scene.  You can use larger pumpkins to fill empty spaces such as the fireplace.  If you don’t like the color orange, paint the pumpkins to fit the color scheme in any room.

Don’t just stop at carving pumpkins for Halloween, think outside the pumpkin and make it a part of different rooms in your home.


Source of Inspiration: Articles from Southern Living and Country Living magazines.