waves crashing onto the beach


Hurricane season is in full swing as we enter into the season’s most active months.  Whether you own a home or live in a condominium, it is important to be prepared before the storm.


1)   Create an evacuation and communication plan.

2)   Prepare emergency kits and gather supplies & important documentation.

3)   Take a video of the property and its contents.

4)   Verify insurance coverage with your insurance company.

5)   Bring loose, lightweight objects inside and anchor down large, heavy objects outside.

6)   Cover all windows and sliding doors; close storm shutters.

7)   Turn refrigerator & freezer to the coolest settings.

8)   Move vehicles away from flood areas.

9)   Listen to local authorities and evacuate if told to do so.


For more helpful ways to prepare for a hurricane, visit www.ready.gov/hurricanes.