We are diving into our series for Buying and Selling On The Emerald Coast. Next up, how to obtain a home loan. 

Where do you even start with obtaining a loan? Start by calling a local representative and talk about getting pre-qualified or pre-approved. Ask your realtor for suggestions on people they recommend! This is beneficial for a few reasons, but one reason being some offers (if the purchaser of a home) will not be taken seriously by the seller if you have not already been approved already. 

Next, be prepared to do a little bit of paperwork proving your income, current liabilities etc. Just remember that the current paperwork will be worth it when you are sipping coffee in your new home. ;)

After that, they will do an appraisal on the property you are considering purchasing. There a few different loans that can be given such as FHA loans, VA loans and Conventional loans just to name a few. Your agent will help you establish which one fits your situation best! 

We hope this quick overview helps you get started on obtaining a home loan!