Rob Brooks Sales Team

It's a new year and we are so fortunate to have the same faces on the Rob Brooks Sales Team for 2019! Why does this matter to you? It matters because it means that the selling or buying process you will experience is seamless. We've worked together and are nailing down the process you experience even more in 2019!

If you buy or sell with Rob Brooks in 2019, these are the faces you may come into contact with! 

Rob - You know him! You love him! He is the main man with over twenty-four years of experience in real estate on the Emerald Coast! He comes from a line of influential people in the area! (Have you heard of the Brooks Bridge in Fort Walton Beach, Florida?) *He would be embarrassed to know that I put that out there.* He is a family man who is passionate about serving the real estate industry, clients and community! 

Kaylie - (Hi! I am currently typing to you!) I handle marketing for the company and Rob Brooks personally! I've been with the company for five years now and love being a small part of a team that holds the values that RBR does! If you've encountered the Rob Brooks Realty name for the first time, it may be in part to the work that I do! I am just the connector of people to people - in this case, Rob - and that's easy to do because I believe so much in the work that goes on here! 

Sara - Her title is listing coordinator but we like to refer to her as the detail oriented, filing guru and best person to talk to on the phone! When you list with Rob, you will be receiving updates on your listing from her - how many showings, what potential people are saying etc.! She is thorough and has every process down to a science! You will love hearing from her because she will be calling with good news! Tid bit about her - she is an Auburn fan who loves living on the Coast with her husband! 

Kathy - She is the Rob Brooks closing coordinator and she does this best! She gets the sale closed with the biggest smile on her face! She has encountered difficult closings in the past with grace, efficiency and a get it done attitude! She does all of this while having a heart of compassion for each buyer and seller. We like to think she keeps us all in shape!

This all matters to you because you are working with people who enjoy working with each other - making getting the job done for you a joy. Trust us, that is what makes working with us different.