A friend called me to ask what type of bathroom flooring would be the most profitable when they sell their house. I asked when he and his wife planned to sell. He said they loved the house and hoped to be there at least 30 years. Wow. They didn't need to be concerned about resale value at all; their new bathroom flooring would wear out by then or certainly be out of date. They should get whatever they liked and not worry about the market.


But what if you plan to sell within a few years? What remodels are most profitable for you? Recommended necessary improvements vary widely with type, price range of the house, and even by the city the house is located in. Your concern should be to make improvements which bring more return on the sales price than what you invested in money and time. You should do no improvement which will cost more than the potential increased sale price. Preferably, you should choose those which bring the most return on your investment. What single improvement brings the highest return on investment in this area? It is painting or replacing the front door. After that, it's painting marked walls or replacing worn flooring. Major remodels in room additions, kitchen and bathroom makeovers usually cost quite a bit more than they are worth when selling. Look at www.CostvsValue.com for a list of improvements and the return each can bring. You can always call us for our professional opinion on your specific house's resale value for specific improvements.


Rob Brooks,

Owner, Rob Brooks Realty 

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