Should I rent a house, condo or townhome? It's a great question! There are a few things to consider when answering which option is best for you. 

1. Consider your needs. Do you need a large yard for a growing family or pet? If so, you may find that a single family resistance is the better option! 

2. Maintenance. When choosing a condo, generally you will find that maintenance comes as an amenity of the association and condos typically have less maintenance in general that you as the renter would be aware of. When choosing a single family home, there are times that you as the renter will be responsible for  maintenance. This should be discussed when looking further into renting a single family home. 

3. Restrictions. Many times there are restrictions on pets when renting a condo. This can be true for single family homes as well, but there are many more cases in which you are able to bring your family pet into a home that you are renting as opposed to a condo.

4. Cost. Single family homes generally will cost more to rent each month than an apartment or even condo will. There are many variables in this, but one of the biggest is location. If the home is waterfront, you can almost be sure that the price will be higher as opposed to an apartment that is waterfront. Also, when looking into which option is best for you, you will find sometimes that a condo supplies you with basic amenities such as water, cable and internet.