The better question is WHO makes a house a home? Your mother. 

We are in the industry of Real Estate because we love homes. We love seeing people come to own their own home for the first time. The expression of a satisfied couple who has worked and saved for years for a home that will be their last and passed down to their children, can't be explained. Or the thrill of someone who has just sold their house to someone else who saw and appreciated its value. It's experiences like this that make us love what we do. 

But no matter how nice the home is. No matter how beautiful the landscaping or location is. And no matter how hard you have worked over the years to be able to afford it, there is nothing and no one that makes a house a home like the way Mom's do.

Growing up, no matter how beautiful your flooring or carpet was, it was inevitable that you would run through the living area with mud on your feet from your latest adventure. That house became a home when your Mom saw her carpet knowing how nice it was and how ruined it now is, leaned down, kissed you on the forehead and helped you clean up.

Your house had beautiful landscaping done, but it became a home when your Mom took the time to play in that beautiful, landscaped yard with you.

We sell houses that we hope bring many memories and joy to people. But, we can't make that house a home. 

And truthfully, there is no one that can do just that like a Mother can.


Happy Mother's Day from us here at Rob Brooks Realty! 

Mother's Day