We have had the best time filming our first series in the Where I Live: The Emerald Coast project. We started off highlighting our picks of the 10 coolest restaurants in Fort Walton Beach. These were restaurants that as a team we felt all brought something unique to the beautiful city of Fort Walton. In case you missed any of these amazing restaurants, you can see them at the links at the bottom of the page or right here on the Rob Brooks Realty blog!

So, where are we going from here? That is what we have been anxiously waiting to tell you! Starting once a month we will be highlighting the Emerald Coast Charity of the Month. We cannot wait to show you some of the incredible work people on the Emerald Coast are doing to make their community a better place to live and visit.

We also have many more series up our sleeves that are in the works right now and will be showing up this week. We are humbled by all of the support the Where I Live: The Emerald Coast project has received. We are honored to have such an incredible privilege to highlight the place we call home.

We feel it is only appropriate to close out our first series with an infamous bloopers video. Enjoy! 


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